Aurora Tours

Relax and enjoy on evening safari with reindeer and find the Auroras. What could be more comfortable way to spend evening as sitting relaxed in the reindeer sleigh! Let the reindeer lead you through the beautiful quiet nature under the starry sky. During our tour we will have a break and you can feed our friendly reindeer. By a camp fire you can enjoy a cup of hot drink and notice that night in the forest can be very magical.

Or find the auroras by driving snowmobile on beautiful mountain area. On the guided driving to arctic hills we shall take you on the most optional spots to watch the Auroras. Our guide will advise you on how to use a snowmobile and how to drive safely. The guide leads the safari to the beautiful mountain area of Saariselkä. On the way, you stop to look at the scenery, take photos and drink hot juice. When the weather conditions are right, we may see the magnificent Aurora Borealis on the Lappish sky.



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